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Week 10: 4 ideas for no-floor, less fussy tummy time

posted 2019 Feb by

Tummy time builds the muscles and coordination needed for rolling over, crawling, reaching and playing. At 10 weeks old, success is 3 to 5 minutes at a time, 2 to 3 sessions
 per day. If he seems to
 be getting tired or starts crying, it’s time for a break.

Check out these ideas for how to do tummy time if your baby isn’t loving it on the floor:

1. Closely supervise (hand on baby’s back) your baby doing tummy time on the counter or table. He might be more willing if you are face to face and he gets a different view of the room.


2. Put your baby on your chest on his tummy facing you, and softly talk to him to try to encourage him to lift his head. By two and a half months, your baby will likely be able to lift his head up enough so that he can see a little ahead of him (but not yet straight ahead).

3. Put your baby on your thighs, belly-down, and gently rub his back. If you raise one of your legs higher than the other, he will be able to see a little more. Show him a high-contrast card and slowly move it upward to encourage him to lift his head. 


4. Try gently rolling your baby back and forth on an exercise ball. You may need to give it a couple of tries as this kind of movement is a new feeling for your baby!