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How to use high contrast for happier tummy time

posted 2018 Sep by

Your baby’s eyes are naturally drawn to things like dark hair against a light shirt, ceiling fans, windows and blinds, or frames on a white wall. Entertain your baby with brain-healthy high contrast images during tummy time.     

(Photo Credit @ayeshacurry) 

  1. Newborns like to have their head to one side while on their belly. Prop some black and white cards in a standing card holder so it is in view or offer black and white images in a card holder on this play gym. Periodically, move your baby so her head rests on the opposite side: head turning helps avoid flat spots and tight neck muscles. (Check out a video of Ayesha Curry’s adorable newborn doing tummy time here) 

  1. Put some high contrast images on the floor in front of your baby so when her head is barely lifted, she can see the images.

  1. As your baby gets stronger, place the card holder in frontof her so she can see the images when lifting up her chin— and eventually her chest.

  1. Put your baby on your thighs belly down and gently rub her back. You can lift one of your legs so it is higher than the other, so she can see a little more when trying to lift her head. Show a high contrast card in her line of vision, and slowly move it upward to see if her head moves up.
  1. Roll a high contrast ball in front of your baby slowly to entertain her during tummy time. Eventually, as she gets stronger she will start to want to reach for the ball.