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5 ways to take tummy time off the floor

posted 2018 Sep by

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends supervised tummy time starting in your baby’s first week. Some babies are good with it, but alas, it is not a happy time for others. Check out these ideas for how to do tummy time if your baby isn’t loving it on the floor.

Ideas for no-floor tummy time: 

1. Closely supervise (hand on baby’s back) your baby on a blanket on the counter, and bend down to talk to her and see if she tries to lift her head to look at you. 

      2. Put your baby on your chest on her tummy facing you, and softly talk to her to try to encourage her to lift her head. 

        3. Put your baby on your thighs belly down and gently rub her back. You can lift one of your legs so it is higher than the other, so she can see a little more when trying to lift her head. Show her a high contrast card in her line of vision, and slowly move it upward to see if her head moves up.

          4. Try rolling your baby on an exercise ball gently back and forth. You may need to give it a couple of tries as this kind of movement is a new feeling for your baby.

            For early babies, success is 3 to 5 minutes at a time, 2 to 3 sessions
 a day. If she seems tobe getting tired or starts crying, it’s time for a break.